Ransomware is rampant. It is an existential threat to all organizations. This is why the White House has defined it as a national security risk.

Recent Headlines:

Law Firm Hit with Ransomware. Data and systems locked out. Copy of Fortune 500 clients data exfiltrated.

Defense Contractor Suffers. Over 23 Gigabytes of Sensitive Data with National Security Impact Exfiltrated.

Healthcare System Hit. Ransomware locks out system for weeks, patients diverted to other offices and hospitals.

Small Business shuts down permanently, unable to resume operations from Ransomware. All employees laid off.

Any organization with sensitive data (Trade Secrets, IP, NPI, PHI, Classified, Controlled Unclassified or Confidential Information), no matter their size, type or location is a target.

And, paying ransom does not guarantee full data recovery.


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