Episode 1: Incident Response

The CyberCatch Podcast is Now Available

Tune in as Sai Huda, cybersecurity expert and CyberCatch CEO, leads fast paced, educational expert panels to provide timely actionable intelligence so you can stay one step ahead of rapidly evolving cyber threats and keep your organization safe.

In this episode, you will learn the key steps to take when an incident happens and how you can prevent an incident from happening in the first place. Sai Huda, cybersecurity expert, Nick Ariko, Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI, and Andy Kim globally recognized CISO share their insights and advice to help you keep your business safe.

In this timely Podcast, you will learn what is the ransomware triple threat, what is the ransomware attack chain and understand the 10 critical cybersecurity controls to defend against ransomware. As you listen to the Podcast, answer 10 questions in the Ransomware Risk Assessment Worksheet to find out whether your organization is at High, Moderate or Low risk of falling victim to a ransomware attack and the risk mitigation you must take.

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Ransomware Risk Assessment Worksheet

Listen to the podcast to receive a complementary Ransomware Risk Assessment Worksheet. This worksheet enables any organization to quickly identify risk exposure to ransomware.