Why, even with over $100 billion spent on cybersecurity, do attackers keep breaking in, stealing valuable data or infecting ransomware?

Because they can easily find missing or broken cybersecurity controls to exploit businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and walk away with valuable data or a hefty ransom payment. SMBs are an easy target because they might not know which controls to implement, or how-to, or have limited resources. 


Industry-Leading Automated Outside-In, Inside-Out, and Social Engineering Cybersecurity Controls Testing SaaS Platform


The CyberCatch platform helps you implement the necessary controls, then the platform automatically and continuously tests the controls to find control failures so you can fix promptly and stay safe from attackers.

Automatically Generates Cyber Breach Score

Always know your true cyber risk level and fix missing or broken security controls so you can avoid a data breach or ransomware attack.

Using CyberCatch is like having an armed security guard continuously checking that all your doors and windows are locked, while also monitoring outside and inside with a video alarm system, so the burglar will not even try to break in and will move on to another victim that is not secure.


Annual subscription based on the number of employees.
Most-affordable pricing. Only one fee. Pay annually and save:

1 - 50

$ 250 per month
  • or $2,500 / year
  • SAVE $500

51 - 100

$ 500 per month
  • or $5,000 / year
  • SAVE $1,000

101 - 250

$ 750 per month
  • or $7,500 / year
  • SAVE $1,500

251 - 499

$ 1k per month
  • or $10,000 / year
  • SAVE $2,000


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