How come, even with over $100 billion spent on cybersecurity, the bad guys keep breaking in, stealing valuable data or infecting ransomware, and walking away with hefty ransom payments?


It’s because the bad guys easily find missing or broken controls at businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and exploit them.
SMBs are especially vulnerable.

The CyberCatch platform helps you implement the necessary controls, then the platform automatically and continuously tests the controls to find control failures so you can fix promptly and stay safe from attackers. All of this without you having to break the bank.

The CyberCatch Story

Small businesses are the growth engine of our economy. We are passionate in our mission to protect small businesses from cyber threats so they can operate safely, grow their business, create jobs and make the world a better place.

Meet The Team

The company was founded and is led by Sai Huda, a globally recognized risk and cybersecurity expert and author of the best-selling book “Next Level Cybersecurity.” The company’s board of directors, advisory board, and executive management are comprised of distinguished world-class business leaders, law enforcement, and cybersecurity experts.

Executive Perspectives

We are dedicated to making you, the SMB, secure so you can stay safe from the bad guys and be successful.

Your success is our success.