If you are defense contractor company (either a Prime or Sub-Contractor) in the United States serving the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and you handle Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), you must comply with CMMC by performing a pre-assessment, generate your System Security Plan (SSP) and pass a CMMC AB-approved C3PAO audit, if the contract will be considered a “priority”.

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Even if you have completed your pre-assessment and implemented the required controls, you must now test your controls as mandated. Otherwise you will be out of compliance and be subject to False Claims Act legal liability and equally important, you will not be secure from the bad guys and will fail your C3PAO audit..

CMMC Security Control Requirements:


Requires you to “periodically assess the security controls...to determine if the controls are effective…”


Requires you to “develop and implement plans of action designed to correct deficiencies…”


Requires you to “monitor security controls on an ongoing basis to ensure the continued effectiveness of the controls.”

So if you are not continuously testing your controls and fixing deficiencies, not only are you not secure and inviting the bad guys to break in easily, but you are also out of compliance with CMMC and will fail your C3PAO audit.



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