Continuous Compliance Assessment

As a small and medium-sized business (SMB), you may not know which standard to follow, which controls to implement or how-to and you have limited resources.

This is where CyberCatch comes in. CyberCatch makes sure that you implement the necessary controls so you can stay safe from attackers and focus on growing your business.


The Solution is comprised of CyberBenchmark, an automated cybersecurity risk assessment workflow engine with instant benchmarking, cyber hygiene score, charts, system security plan, and more. Also, CyberVirtualCISO for advice, guidance and technical assistance from a team of cybersecurity experts to help you efficiently implement optimal controls. Additionally, CyberThreatTV, a Netflix-type online security awareness training to teach phishing and social engineering red flags, is updated quarterly for the latest threats.


Annual subscription based on the number of employees.
Most-affordable pricing. Only one fee. Pay annually and save:

1 - 50

$ 250 per month
  • or $2,500 / year
  • SAVE $500

51 - 100

$ 500 per month
  • or $5,000 / year
  • SAVE $1,000

101 - 250

$ 750 per month
  • or $7,500 / year
  • SAVE $1,500

251 - 499

$ 1k per month
  • or $10,000 / year
  • SAVE $2,000

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