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Pitfalls to Avoid Crossing the NIST to CMMC Chasm

You will surely walk away from the webinar with new intelligence on how-to and how not-to. But at the webinar, you will also see up close what FBI’s recent blockbuster cyber case reveals.
It is a must-see for all defense contractors!


Very good coverage across this complicated subject.


Very well done, professional and with great take-aways!

Industry-first, up close visual breakdown of the recent blockbuster FBI case, attack chain and linkage to NIST and CMMC controls.

First, our experts will show you up-close how the cyber attackers stole critical data from defense contractors as revealed in the recent FBI blockbuster cyber case, and the missing controls that could have prevented the national security risk.

Then, our experts will be sharing cutting-edge intelligence and “how-to” such as:

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