CyberCatch is continually at the forefront with cutting-edge thought leadership and cybersecurity expertise.

Here are recent examples of CyberCatch
leading and making a difference:

Published the World's First Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Vulnerabilities Report (SMBVR)

The SMBVR reveals vulnerabilities that attackers can easily exploit in ten SMB sectors in the United States and Canada and what SMBs should do.

Invited to Join the CIO Strategy Council and
Help Author National Cybersecurity Standards

The CIO Strategy Council in Canada creates national standards. CyberCatch was invited to join the CIO Strategy Council and CyberCatch CEO, Sai Huda, joined the Technical Committee to help create CAN/CIOSC 104: National Standard Baseline Cybersecurity Controls for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations.

Created and Published a First-Of-Its Kind Ransomware Risk Assessment Worksheet

The Ransomware Risk Assessment Worksheet enables any organization to quickly identify risk exposure to ransomware. This tool for ransomware risk mitigation is innovative and highly effective.

Created the CyberCatchHOUR Webinar Series and Library

CyberCatchHOUR provides free, cutting-edge, and educational webinars on critical cyber risk management topics. The leading experts share practical know-how and attendees walk away with actionable intelligence. 

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