Healthcare under siege from cyberattacks: What You Must Do Now

In recent months, the threat of cyberattacks has loomed ominously over the healthcare industry, casting a shadow of uncertainty and disruption. By now you’ve likely heard murmurs of the chaos unleashed by the cyber-attack against Change Healthcare, with tales of pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and hospitals caught in the crossfire.

Unmasking the Culprits

 Behind the veil of cyber anonymity, a nefarious entity known as BlackCat/ALPHV has emerged as the orchestrator of the cyber siege against Change Healthcare. With its digital claws sunk deep into sensitive healthcare data, BlackCat boasted of exfiltrating a staggering 6 TB of information, sending shockwaves through the industry.

But the plot doesn’t end there. Reports have surfaced linking the cyberattack to vulnerabilities in ConnectWise’s ScreenConnect app, shedding light on the intricate web of cyber risk faced by healthcare organizations, such as from suppliers. As investigations unfold, the true extent of the breach remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving healthcare organizations on edge and vulnerable to further attacks.

Rising Tides of Cyber Chaos

 Unfortunately, the tide of cyberattacks shows no signs of abating. As of the first week of March, the HHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has already received reports of 116 healthcare data breaches, affecting more than 13 million individuals. The Landscape Analysis Report, a comprehensive study of healthcare cybersecurity threats, covering 177 small, 107 medium and 87 large hospitals, conducted by HHS, reveals some key findings:

  • Supply chain vulnerability looms large over hospitals, with a mere 49% reporting sufficient coverage in managing associated risks.
  • The pervasive use of outdated hardware and software exacerbates the risk, with a staggering 96% of hospitals operating on end-of-life systems or software with known vulnerabilities, including medical devices.
  • Compounding these challenges, cybersecurity insurance premiums are on the rise, with a daunting 46% average increase.

The HHS Landscape Analysis Report also revealed that complying with HICP improved cyber resiliency.

Also, according to the Healthcare Cybersecurity Benchmark Study organizations employing the NIST CSF as their primary security framework experienced only a 6 percent increase in cyber insurance premiums, whereas those not utilizing it faced an 18 percent increase.

A Prescription for Cyber Safety 

Amidst the cyber chaos, a beacon of hope emerges. Both the Landscape Analysis Report and  Cybersecurity Benchmark Study reveal a crucial insight: compliance with NIST CSF and HICP is the key to cyber resilience. Organizations that embrace these frameworks stand poised to weather the storm of cyber threats, safeguarding patient data and preserving the integrity of healthcare systems.

In the face of mounting cyber threats, the imperative for cybersecurity compliance has never been clearer. The HHS has sounded the alarm, urging healthcare providers to double down on their efforts to adhere to NIST CSF and HICP.

For those seeking a comprehensive solution, CyberCatch stands ready to deliver. With its suite of tools and expertise, CyberCatch enables organizations to achieve quick, easy, and full compliance, ensuring that cyber safety remains synonymous with patient safety.

CyberCatch offers a comprehensive solution designed to enable quick, easy, and full compliance with not only NIST CSF but also the new HICP standards.

HICP compliance does not need to be costly, stressful or complicated. With CyberCatch, you can attain full compliance in 2 weeks or less and stay safe continuously.

CyberCatch’s innovative Healthcare Compliance Manager solution enables all healthcare organizations to cost-effectively comply with the HICP.

CyberCatch’s solution comprises of:

  • Workflow engine for compliance risk assessment
  • All prescribed controls organized by domains
  • Compliance tips
  • AI-advisor for detailed guidance and to answer any questions
  • Policy and procedure templates
  • Charts, reports and evidence repository

With CyberCatch, you can quickly complete the compliance assessment accurately and document attainment of compliance and attain cyber safety.

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Cyber safety is patient safety.

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